How to maintain the laser mirror

laser mirror cleaning and maintenance

1. The focusing lens material is ZnSe or zinc arsenic, which is brittle and brittle. Pay attention when disassembling: Do not use too much force and cannot collide with hard objects. There is anti-reflection film on the surface, which is afraid of pollution, fear of moisture, oiliness, and fear of scratching. Therefore, it is required to provide dry and degreasing air during work. Please use recommended cleaning equipment and cleaning method when cleaning.

2. The equipment must be operated with sufficient air pressure. Before working, put your finger to the exit of the focusing mirror (air nozzle) to check if there is gas blowing out? Is the air pressure sufficient?

3. Before starting the first work every day, remove the lens barrel with the focusing lens and observe if the focusing lens is contaminated. The principle of cleaning the focusing lens is: no pollution, no cleaning, no pollution, need to be cleaned in time!

4. Cleaning steps: 1. Loosen the fastening screws and remove the air nozzle and the lens barrel in turn; first blow the dust off the surface of the lens with a blower; 2. If you really need to clean the lens, you can only use the laboratory-grade paper. Soft cotton balls, take a proper amount of acetone or high-purity alcohol, gently rotate clockwise from the center of the lens to the edge. Both sides of the lens need to be cleaned when necessary, and care should be taken when cleaning. 3. Install the lens barrel and the nozzle, adjust the focal length, and tighten the fastening screws.


5. If the focusing lens is too polluted or does not get effective cleaning for a long time, so that it cannot be cleaned, or the anti-reflection film on the focusing lens falls off, the focusing lens needs to be replaced.

6. The focal length of the general 2-inch focusing lens (reflected from the upper surface of the workpiece to the bottom of the nozzle) is about 6~7mm. The user can adjust the focal length according to the actual situation.

7. Keeping the focus lens clean is a powerful guarantee for cutting and engraving ability and effect.

8. When new equipment is newly installed, it is necessary to not press the lens hard, which will cause serious damage to the optical lens.

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