• 45 Thin Film Polarizer

    45 Thin Film Polarizer

    Dayoptics has newly developed thin film polarizer based on 45deg. Incidence. We can assure high transmittion >95% and high reflection >99%. Ask Dayoptics’ sales for whatever you need.

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  • Brewster Angle Thin Film Polarizer

    Brewster Angle Thin Film Polarizer

    Dayoptics thin film polarizer based on a coating made up of particular birefringent materials having polarizer properties while the coating is designed under Brewster angle. Brewster Angle :For light incident on a plane boundary between two regions having different refractive indices,the angle of incidence at which the reflectance is zero for light that has its electrical field vector in the plane defined by the direction of propagation and the normal to the surface.For propagation from medium 1to medium 2,Brewster’s angle is given as arctan (n2/n1)

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