• Anamorphic


    Anamorphic Prism Pairs are used to transform elliptical laser diode beams into nearly circular beams by magnifying the elliptical beam in one dimension.

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  • Roof Prism

    Roof Prism

    Roof Prism can be used when a right angle deflection of an image or laser beam is required. In passing through the prism, the image is both deflected right-to-left and top-to-bottom. The hypotenuse of the prism utilizes total internal reflection (TIR) to reflect the image through the prism. Polarization states may become rotated during reflection.

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  • Beamsplitter Penta Prism

    Beamsplitter Penta Prism

    By adding a wedge and with partial reflective coating on first reflective surface.Penta Prism can be used as Beamsplitter.We supply Beamsplitter Penta Prism with standard Transmission/reflection(T/R) ratio of 20/80,50/50.Other T/R ratio is available upon request.

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  • Rhombid Prism

    Rhombid Prism

    Rhomboid prism can displace a laser beam without change the image orientation, the input beam is totally internal reflected by two 45degree faces and goes out from the output face. Then, a lateral displacement is produced. Higher transmission rate can be achieved by anti-reflective coating on the input and output faces.

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  • Penta Prism

    Penta Prism

    Penta prism can deviate an incident beam without inverting or reversing 90°.The deviation angle of 90°is independent of any rotation of the prism about an axis parallel to the line of intersection of the two reflecting faces.It is commonly used in plumb level, surveying, alignment, range finding and optical tooling.The reflecting surfaces of this Prism must be coated with a metallic or dielectric coating.The standard Penta Prism reflecting surfaces are coated with aluminum or enhanced aluminum.

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  • Glan Thompson Polarizer Beamsplitter Cube

    Glan Thompson Polarizer Beamsplitter Cube

    Glan Thompson polarizer Beamsplitter Cube is made of two Calcite prisms or two a-BBO prisms cemented together .It have high extinction ratio below 5×10-5 is botained. The Calcite type can be used in the range of 350-2300nm,and a-BBO crystal usable in the range of 220-900nm. It can separate the nature light for O polarized light and E polarized light,and the separate angle is 45°. Since there are two ports,the prism can also be used by replacing the input and output direction.

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  • Rochon Polarizer

    Rochon Polarizer

    Rochon polarizer is one of the earliest designs ,which is made of two Birefringent material prisms cemented or optical contacted together .Both ordinary and extraordinary beams propagate collinearly down the optic axis in the first prism under the ordinary refractive index,Upon entering the second prism the ordinary beam,however ,now has a lower refractive index and is refracted at the interface.Any separation angle can be for designed for specific wavelength upon requirement.

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  • Wollaston Polarizer

    Wollaston Polarizer

    Wollaston polarizer is made of two birefringent material prisms that are cemented together .The deviations of the ordinary and extraordinary beams symmetrical about the input beam axis.so that the Wollaston polarizing beam splitter has approximately twice the deviation of the Rochon.The separation angle exhibits chromatic dispersion, as shown in the plot blow.Any separation angle can be designed upon requirement .The separation angle of standard products vs wavelength is shown in the plot below.

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  • High Power Glan Laser Polarizer

    High Power Glan Laser Polarizer

    Glan Laser polarizer is made of two same birefringent material prisms that are assembled with an air space.The polarizer is a modification of the Glan Taylor type and is designed to have less reflection loss at the prism junction.The polarizer with two escape windows allows the rejected beam to escape out of the polarizer,which makes it more desirable for high energy lasers.The surface quality of these faces is relatively poor compare to that of entrance and exit faces .No scratch and dig surface quality specifications are assigned to these faces.The polarizer field F1 and F2 of these is shown in the plot below.

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