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45 Thin Film Polarizer

Brand :Dayoptics

Product origin :Fuzhou,Fujian,China

Delivery time :4 week

Supply capacity :100000pcs/month

Dayoptics has newly developed thin film polarizer based on 45deg. Incidence. We can assure high transmittion >95% and high reflection >99%. Ask Dayoptics’ sales for whatever you need.

Material: Fused Silica
Two sides polished:
Surface Quality: 40/20 both side
Flatness: lambda/8 @ 633nm
Other surfaces are find ground
Coating specification
Tp>95% & Rs>99% @ 355 +/-3nm, AOI=45deg.+/-1 deg.
Tp>95% & Rs>99% @ W +/-5nm, AOI=45deg.+/-1 deg.  800nm>W>400nm
Tp>95% & Rs>99% @ W +/-10nm, AOI=45deg.+/-1 deg.  1100nm>W>800nm

Typical Coating Curve:

Tp>95% & Rs>99% @ 850 +/-10nm, AOI=45deg.+/-1 deg. 

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