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Brand :Dayoptics

Product origin :Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Delivery time :4 weeks

Supply capacity :10000pcs/month

A Dove prism is used to rotate, invert, or retroreflect an image, depending upon the prism's rotation angle and the surface through which the light enters the prism.
Dove prisms can be thought of as right-angle prisms with the triangular apex removed, which reduces the weight of the prism and stray internal reflections. They introduce astigmatism when used with converging light, so we recommend using them with collimated light

MaterialBK7 Grade A Optical Glass
Dimension Tolerance+0.0,-0.2mm
Clear Aperture>80%
Angle Tolerance+/-3 arc minutes
Surface Quality60/40 scratch/dig
Bevel0.2mm to 0.5mm

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Optatec 2018
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