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Brand :Dayoptics

Product origin :Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Delivery time :7-8 weeks

Supply capacity :10000pcs/month

Optical assembly is made up of quarter waveplate and high power PBS. Dayoptics adopts the technology of Optical-Bonding. Because no adhesive is used, and through the special process of high temperature, the influence of the adhesive on the surface of the product is avoided to improve the laser damage threshold of the product.
Dayoptics have the integrated Production System,latest instruments, experienced engineers and an excellent management team.

Surface Flatness<λ/4@633nm(or better)
Surface Quality20/10Scratch/Dig
Clear Aperture>85%
Beam Deviation<3′< td="">
CoatingPBS Coating,Tp>96%,Ts<0.1@AOI=45°;AR Coating,R<0.2%@1064nm< td="">
Damaged Threshold@1064nm,10ns> 15J/cm2

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