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Penta Prism

Brand :Dayoptics

Product origin :Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Delivery time :4-5 weeks

Supply capacity :10000pcs/month

Penta prism can deviate an incident beam without inverting or reversing 90°.The deviation angle of 90°is independent of any rotation of the prism about an axis parallel to the line of intersection of the two reflecting faces.It is commonly used in plumb level, surveying, alignment, range finding and optical tooling.The reflecting surfaces of this Prism must be coated with a metallic or dielectric coating.The standard Penta Prism reflecting surfaces are coated with aluminum or enhanced aluminum.

MaterialBK7 Grade A Optical Glass
Dimension Tolerance+/-0.2mm
90°Deviation ToleranceAccording to the Table


λ/4(High Precision)@633nm)

ReflectivityR>95% per Face @400-700nm
Surface Quality60/40 scratch/dig
Coating on Input and Output SurfaceUncoated

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